Career Challenges When Caring for a Special Needs Child

I’m wondering if any of you out there can relate to my situation.

Our son has cerebral palsy. He is very high-functioning, goes to high school full-time, and does a lot on his own. Still, it does take a lot of time getting him dressed and ready for school in the mornings, and to getting him to bed at night. If I were to get a job again, it would probably mean we would have to hire someone to do these things for Sean.

With his daily needs, and with his ongoing medical appointments, I have found it very difficult to maintain a career, or to work outside the home at all. My free hours are when Sean is in school—from about 8 a.m. until 3 p.m. There aren’t too many “jobs” that fit into that time window.

Please don’t misunderstand me. We love our son, and love being there for him. We just don’t know how to handle the job challenges related to this.

Although we do have some helpers coming in after school for Sean, either me or my wife usually have to be here to direct what needs to be done.

How do parents of special needs children manage to keep a career going?

In our case, my wife works full-time in the medical profession, but we could use the additional income that I could generate if I could find the right work situation. Of course, we have continued to pray that God would provide the right thing for us, but so far, nothing has happened. I have been unemployed now for three years. I had to leave my last job because Sean had a major surgery and needed to go to therapy every day for three months.

Not too long ago, I looked on the internet for support groups for parents with special needs children. I found nothing. I also looked in our local metro area, and found very little. I would especially like to find support groups relating to career planning when you have a special needs child.

I would love to visit with parents who have found a way to generate real income from home, or who have a job situtation that allows them the flexibility to still care for their special needs kids. I will keep you informed in this blog as to what happens with my search for help.

We’ve tried several of the MLM and network marketing companies and never made a dime. I’ve written an ebook, but nobody knows it exists. I don’t know how to promote myself and I’m feeling very discouraged about my career history in journalism, Christian ministry, and legal assistant/investigative work. None of my professional background seems to count for anything in this job market.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions, I’m very open to listening. Please reply to this post or give me a call at 913-593-1850.

Thanks and God bless and keep you all.

Glen Averill


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